6 Steps to Planning a Successful & Memorable Graduation Party

Plan Date/Time to Celebrate

Just be sure to check for conflicts with any other parties happening the same day and/or time. Your child or fellow parents of seniors will be great resources.

Setting a Budget

This is important, for it will help determine types of food, décor, as well as the venue you choose. Let’s be honest, it will determine everything you decide to finalize for this event.


Are you envisioning a backyard party, or would you like to rent a venue space? Backyards usually require more work and clean up. Actual venues already have tables/chairs and staff to handle most set-up and clean-up.

Choosing your Food & Entertainment

Will your family be contributing to food, are you going to work in your kitchen preparing all the food, or would you prefer everything gets delivered (and possibly served) by a professional catering company? Do you desire music (live band, DJ or use your Bluetooth device connected to speakers)? Both budget and your availability will help you determine these items.

Guest List & Invitations

How many people should be invited? This list can vary depending on your food/venue budget. Invitations should ideally be mailed no later than two months prior to the event. RSVP’s should be received two weeks before the party – for final count to be sent to caterer or just to help you plan the amount of food you’ll need to purchase.

Décor & Party Favors

What kind of party do you desire? A casual backyard affair or glamorous country club feel? Depending on the type of party you choose, your décor options will be different and vary in costs. Can you decorate yourself or will you need to hire a design/production company to assist you? Lighting, draping, audio/visual equipment can be provided effortlessly from professionals! Are you interested in handing out gifts to the guests? Pictures from a Photo Booth, chocolates beautifully packaged or journals with a pen are just a few ideas that your guests will enjoy. 

Graduation parties are meant to be fun and enjoyable for all involved!

Take time to plan, but do not stress over all the details. The opportunity to celebrate your graduate with close family and friends is more important than the type of music you play or the favors you hand out. If you feel like you need help, ask for it. Event Planners can walk you through each step, find your vendors and manage the party so you can relax.