Planning a Corporate Event + No Experience = Harder Than It Needs to Be

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Organizing company events is a great way to share with others about what you do and why you do it. Planning and carrying out those events can be both stressful and frustrating to everyone involved in the planning process, especially if they do not enjoy planning and/or they have no clue on how to do it – so how can you properly plan an event and keep everyone happy in the process?

Hiring an Event Planner to help guide you is the best way to start. A planner will join you on the planning journey and will save you time, save you money and motivate your employees:

Save Time:

You, your staff and your organization, have daily responsibilities and deadlines. Taking time out of those regular/daily tasks to plan an event, may put you and your team behind. Event planners know who to contact and pull together pricing and availability, as well as carry out your vision while managing all the details!

Save Money:

Planning events for your employees and clients takes time away from your team’s regular work and responsibilities. And since time is money, you could lose money when your business loses efficiency. Event planners work on a contract basis without the extra cost of payroll and benefits, so hiring an outside contractor for projects such as events will save your company money!

Motivate Employees:

Most employees do not have extensive experience planning corporate events, so being asked to plan an important employee meeting, client appreciation event or party can cause extra stress on the employee or team involved and may lead to lower productivity and overall effectiveness of your organization. Event planners allow employees, management and clients to feel valued, and gives them an opportunity to focus on what is important – the people they serve!

Let's not make it harder than it has to be! We are working to change the culture of social events all together, are you with us?