General Company Description:

Simply Events is a wedding and corporate event planning company based in Lancaster County, PA, working with brides and grooms, corporations and individuals who desire memorable, relaxed and well-planned events.

Our Mission Statement: 

Simply Events exists to provide an exceptional client experience, while making everyone feel valued, celebrated and relaxed. We will serve others humbly, with kindness and in ways that honor God.

Our Vision Statement: 

Simply Events will serve professionally, passionately and create memorable events that capture the uniqueness of each client. There will be continual development of both staff and technology to bring the most effective techniques to plan and create memories of a lifetime, with each event exceeding everyone's expectations.

Our Core Values: 

Be Honest: Trustworthiness is an integral part of success. Our clients and people we work with must know and believe that what we say is true.

Show Humility: To help others, we must be humble and fully believe, "It's not about me, but others." It's important to help our clients by "rolling up our sleeves" and not to be afraid of hard work. Every area of serving our client is important.

Value People:  We will make sure others feel important and cared for. We will be good listeners and do our best to carry out their wishes.

Model Servant Leadership: As we serve others, we can help guide and lead them to pursue excellence. We must model strong leadership and help encourage others to be the best they can be.

Encourage Staff and Clients: Kindness and compassion positively influences those we work with and those we serve. Each person is important and they must feel that through our communication and interaction with them.

Promote Safety: Being and feeling safe is essential. We will make sure our clients are safe in each event environment and our staff feels secure by not working alone and by encouraging strong communication with everyone.

Provide Quality Service:  Professional and quality service is essential when doing business. We will be thorough in our work and not take short cuts to save time. We will show honor and respect to clients while providing timely service and timely follow-up through the completion of each event. 

Exceed Expectations: We will be a team that goes above and beyond our client's expectations. We will be known as caring professionals who do more than we were asked to do and we'll do it with a smile.