Ways to Manage your Stress While Planning your Event


So often we witness the effect of stress that planning an event has on people. Whether you are planning your wedding, an event for business leaders, or a birthday party for your one-year old, the details of an event can easily become overwhelming along with the normal demands of life. 

There are so many things that are important to keep at the forefront of your heart and mind through the planning process of any event. As a company that carry's out events on a weekly basis, we see it as a privilege to be able to walk through this process with our clients. Here are some tips on ways for you to manage your stress through the planning:

1. Carve out Time to Rest

In the midst of planning, this little piece of advice is easier said than done. We often feel the need to fill all moments of our free time with planning to make sure we don't forget any details. In reality, when we carve out time in our schedule to simply rest, it allows us to not only unplug but sometimes we have the opportunity to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. 

2. Think Positively

Change your mindset. Instead of thinking about everything that could potentially be a disaster, think about the community that your event will create! We feel so strongly that so often people get caught up in the planning process and details, that when the day actually comes to relax and enjoy all that they have planned, they can't! It isn't possible for them to "take it all in" because they are too busy worrying and making sure that everything they planned happens exactly the way they planned it! Sounds exhausting doesn't it? Willie Nelson once said "Once you start replacing your negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results." The condition of your heart and mind has the ability to be your best friend rather than your worst enemy. 

3. Have a Good Support System

Planning events are no easy feat. We understand this well! The people you surround yourself with through the planning process could potentially make or break you in the stressful times. Having people that know your vision and can cheer you on through the process will make all the difference! 


It is so important to remember that your guests will only be as relaxed as you are. Part of the reason we love what we do so much is because we are able to come alongside you when you're feeling the pressure of all that it takes to pull off a great event, and we listen, hear your vision, and come alongside you to make it happen. 

Contact Simply Events today. We want to take the stress off of your next event!