Recently Engaged?: Guaranteeing Yourself a Happy New Year During the Wedding Planning Process

You may have heard it said…"A New Year, a New You!". If you are one of the many couples who became engaged over the recent holiday season, you’ll be dealing with many “firsts” in 2018! You’re now in a new season of life, the planning season, and it may make you feel like a new and different person.

Here are a few tips as you begin your planning process:

Wedding Planning is Supposed to be Fun

  • Soak up the moments from the time you said yes, through the announcement to your family and friends. Enjoy being engaged and do not feel like you need all the decisions made within the first week of your engagement.
  • Take time as a couple to process your feelings and excitement, and then discuss your dreams and expectations with each other. 
  • Pick up a few wedding magazines. It will be so much fun paging through, looking at the latest fashion trends as well as reading about other couples and how they planned their day! Ask your married friends what they loved most about their wedding planning experience.

Decide on a Budget Before Doing Anything Else

  • If parents will be involved financially, be sure to ask them specifics about what they will help with. Be sure to ask what their expectations are of you, and what they feel you should be responsible for.
  • Once you have firm numbers in place, then you can begin your search for a venue and wedding vendors. 
  • Weddings can be expensive. Although you can “plan” your own wedding day, it is wise to consider hiring a wedding planner to help you with the process. Believe or not, wedding planners can save you money in the long run!

Make Plenty of Lists

  • Create things to do and have a timeline of when to accomplish each item
  • Bride and Groom should both list items they feel are most important in the process and for the wedding day
  • Venues and vendors to contact

Research and Schedule Appointments

  • Narrow list down to 3 of each vendor you need
  • Schedule appointments
  • Make sure you know what questions you want to ask before you meet with vendors

Make decisions

  • Decide on pros and cons of each vendor
  • Review contracts thoroughly before signing, and be sure to know when payments are due
  • Discuss as a couple ideas for what you envision married life to be like! Set goals and understand . that your marriage will always be more important than the wedding day itself – but how fun will it be to plan so well, that you not only have the perfect wedding day, but a beautiful marriage to enjoy together!
Jeff Benzon Photography

Jeff Benzon Photography

There are many more things that go into planning a perfect wedding day, but these are ideas to help you get started on your journey. Do not be afraid to ask for help and always be honest when others ask you questions and/or offer suggestions. This is YOUR wedding day, so it is important to have what you have always dreamed, while staying within your budget and planning as a couple! Do not allow stress to take away from the joy you should be experiencing, in the midst, of all the planning. 

Feel free to contact Deb Erb, owner of Simply Events, with any questions you have or visit to learn more. Start off 2018 right, and plan with a purpose.

Congratulations as you begin this journey and best wishes for a beautiful life together!