Why You Need a Plan B! - What Venues and your Vendors Want You to Know about Rain Plans

Photo Taken by  Jeff Frandsen

Photo Taken by Jeff Frandsen

Today’s couples continue to choose venues that offer outdoor ceremony spots and indoor reception options – it’s really the best of both worlds, until it’s not!  Bride’s have a certain vision for their day and as planners, we know it’s hard to stray from that vision at times. However, it’s important to understand that if you choose a venue where you and your guests will be outside, you will need a Plan B or Rain Plan in place well before the week of the wedding. And you need to be okay with it.

Most venues have great Plan B options that work well, it’s just sometimes the couples and/or families have a hard time envisioning anything that differs from their original vision. Simply Events has experienced many times when Plan B needed to go into effect, and it was a more “intimate” setting and felt right. Venues and vendors understand the importance of having a back up plan if the weather does not cooperate, and if it’s discussed in advance, everyone knows how things should work to make the day go smoothly. Trust the alternate plans offered to you and choose the one that suits you best and makes you feel more comfortable.

Important Points to Consider when Deciding on Putting Your Rain Plan into Effect:

Your guests do not want to get wet.

It takes time for the venues to set-up for ceremony, they need ample time to plan for this set-up.

Holding events outside in the elements of rain, wind and possible storms can be dangerous, and centerpieces and décor can fall over or get ruined.

All musicians do not want their instruments, speakers and microphones out in any inclement weather. Even low temps can ruin instruments, so please be sure to check the vendor requirements for your event.

Whatever you plan for outside, it can always be transferred inside – just be sure you decide early enough.

Again, choosing a venue with a variety of options gives you choices when you need a Plan B, and also helps your guests move around and interact with each other even more.  Enjoy the process and trust those you have hired for your special day!