Celebrating 8 Years!

Eight years ago, my dream of becoming a business owner came to fruition, and the journey of Simply Events began!  My background of human resources and planning company and corporate events, in addition to planning a variety of events since I was a teenager, rooted in me the love for planning experiences that serve a purpose and value others. 

The idea to begin my own wedding and event planning business became very real after planning my brother and sister-in-law’s wedding almost ten years ago. I loved every aspect of gathering information and pricing, going along on vendor appointments, developing a timeline, finding just the right venue and managing the day. I officially incorporated the business in January of 2010, and spent many hours studying, planning and networking. Then in 2011- my very first wedding gig happened! Looking back on that first wedding, I laugh because I had no assistant and it was just a few days after a major flood in the area.  Trees were down, roads were closed, and the caterer’s kitchen was flooded!  We all wondered if we could pull this thing off – but pull it off, we did.  All the vendors worked together to make it a beautiful day for the bride and groom!  The couple was happy, the day was perfect, and I knew then that I made the right decision to begin this journey.

Fast forward eight years, and I have an amazing team of lead coordinators and assistants that have bought into the vision of Simply Events and why we exist. We have grown the business every year, adding more events than the year before and moved into new office space (outside of my home office) last year!   I am excited about what might be ahead in 2018 and also look back on the last several years of learning, meeting incredible clients, venues and vendors, and I am thankful. Thankful to my husband, family and friends who have cheered me on every step of the way, and for all those who continue to allow us to serve by planning memorable and exceptional events!

To celebrate our 8th year, we have given Simply Events a new look, and we are so excited to share it with you! We want others to look at our brand and know exactly what we do. The three leaves on the new icon represent: Corporate, Weddings and Social events. These are the three planning areas we focus on with a tagline of, “Event Planning for Work & Life”. So, if you ever want to plan an event – work or personal, big or small - define your purpose of the event, and allow us to help you make it happen!  Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation - 717.725.8028.


Recently Engaged?: Guaranteeing Yourself a Happy New Year During the Wedding Planning Process

You may have heard it said…"A New Year, a New You!". If you are one of the many couples who became engaged over the recent holiday season, you’ll be dealing with many “firsts” in 2018! You’re now in a new season of life, the planning season, and it may make you feel like a new and different person.

Here are a few tips as you begin your planning process:

Wedding Planning is Supposed to be Fun

  • Soak up the moments from the time you said yes, through the announcement to your family and friends. Enjoy being engaged and do not feel like you need all the decisions made within the first week of your engagement.
  • Take time as a couple to process your feelings and excitement, and then discuss your dreams and expectations with each other. 
  • Pick up a few wedding magazines. It will be so much fun paging through, looking at the latest fashion trends as well as reading about other couples and how they planned their day! Ask your married friends what they loved most about their wedding planning experience.

Decide on a Budget Before Doing Anything Else

  • If parents will be involved financially, be sure to ask them specifics about what they will help with. Be sure to ask what their expectations are of you, and what they feel you should be responsible for.
  • Once you have firm numbers in place, then you can begin your search for a venue and wedding vendors. 
  • Weddings can be expensive. Although you can “plan” your own wedding day, it is wise to consider hiring a wedding planner to help you with the process. Believe or not, wedding planners can save you money in the long run!

Make Plenty of Lists

  • Create things to do and have a timeline of when to accomplish each item
  • Bride and Groom should both list items they feel are most important in the process and for the wedding day
  • Venues and vendors to contact

Research and Schedule Appointments

  • Narrow list down to 3 of each vendor you need
  • Schedule appointments
  • Make sure you know what questions you want to ask before you meet with vendors

Make decisions

  • Decide on pros and cons of each vendor
  • Review contracts thoroughly before signing, and be sure to know when payments are due
  • Discuss as a couple ideas for what you envision married life to be like! Set goals and understand . that your marriage will always be more important than the wedding day itself – but how fun will it be to plan so well, that you not only have the perfect wedding day, but a beautiful marriage to enjoy together!
Jeff Benzon Photography

Jeff Benzon Photography

There are many more things that go into planning a perfect wedding day, but these are ideas to help you get started on your journey. Do not be afraid to ask for help and always be honest when others ask you questions and/or offer suggestions. This is YOUR wedding day, so it is important to have what you have always dreamed, while staying within your budget and planning as a couple! Do not allow stress to take away from the joy you should be experiencing, in the midst, of all the planning. 

Feel free to contact Deb Erb, owner of Simply Events, with any questions you have or visit www.simplyeventsinc.com to learn more. Start off 2018 right, and plan with a purpose.

Congratulations as you begin this journey and best wishes for a beautiful life together!

Tasked with Planning Your Company's Holiday Work Party? Here are a few quick tips:

  1. Know Your Budget
    1. You cannot plan properly if you don't understand how much money you are able to spend.
    2. Design a Budget Spreadsheet incorporating all the areas that you need to consider during the planning process.
  2. Decide where and when the party will be located.
    1. At your office location or another venue?
    2. If you are booking a venue, does that venue offer services for all your needs, or will you need to hire additional outside vendors?
    3. Are other important events happening in your area on the same date?
    4. Consider parking and easy access for your guests
  3. Come Up with an Agenda for the Evening
    1. Will you have a Cocktail Hour?
    2. Sit down dinner or heavy hors d'oeuvre’s?
    3. Outside entertainment or...will Joe from accounting tell his infamous holiday jokes?
    4. Do you need an outside speaker?
    5. Want to plan games or giveaways?
    6. What type of music will you provide?
  4. Know Your Needs for the Evening
    1. Table sizes?
    2. Name tags or no name tags?
    3. Linens
    4. Décor
    5. Giveaway Prizes
    6. Setup and cleanup
    7. A/V
  5. Hiring an Event Planner is always a good option when given the task to plan your Holiday Work Party! Professionals know how to review contracts, understand the best questions to ask venues and vendors and can suggest the best logistics for planning your event, and you can enjoy the party too!

Choosing a Wedding Venue for Your Big Day? Here’s What to Look For:


Your Style

Are you looking for Rustic/Chic, Industrial or simply Elegant? There are many venues to choose from, but keep in mind, most venues can be made to look like your vision….it may just cost more to get it there!  There are many barn venues that have “popped up” around the country, but trends seem to be changing a bit (as they always do). Other great ideas could include industrial/warehouse type venues, museums, gardens and arboretums, country clubs, hotels and even county parks!

The choices can be endless, it all depends on your style and what suits you as a couple, best. Are you more casual and whimsical or traditional and serious? Do you consider colors and lighting as important? What about opportunities for great wedding photographs and amazing “nooks and crannies” on the property that you can be whisked off to for a few sunset photos?


Your Budget

Financial concerns are real when it comes to planning your wedding day. The venue you choose will be one of the largest costs you’ll deal with, so come up with a budget before you begin visiting places for your ceremony and reception! Let’s be real – if you don’t have numbers in mind, budgets will go out the window once you step onto a beautiful venue that seems to be “calling your name”. Some venues include their pricing and available packages on their websites, so be sure to do some research as you’re putting together your budget. It’s helpful to check out three to five venues and their offerings. Search their websites, blogs and any information you can gather, add to a spreadsheet and come up with an overall wedding budget. Schedule appointments with the venues you’d like to see and make sure you ask about their contracts, payment schedules, guest parking and what is included in the cost!


What’s Included?

Be sure to carefully review the contracts, so you are sure of everything the venue includes. It’s also important to know the regulations of each venue: Do they require liability insurance of both client and vendors that are hired for your wedding day? Do they have a specific end time for the event and/or a noise ordinance you need to be aware of?

Additional things to think about: Does the venue rental include tables, chairs, centerpieces, setup and tear down of tables and chairs? Are there extra costs for these items? What about “rain plans” if it’s an outdoor venue? Are they accessible to people with physical disabilities? Do they include a “Day Of” Coordinator, and if so, what do they do on the day of? Realistically, most venue coordinators handle selling the venue, making sure the room layouts and menus are handled (if catering is onsite), and possibly getting your bridesmaids down the aisle. However, many venue coordinators do not assist with everything an outside Coordinator/Wedding Planner helps with for your special day. Venues are experts at the venue, setup, room temperatures, and lighting, properly maintained bathroom facilities, well-manicured properties, and ceremony spots, and providing beautiful environments to celebrate marriages! A good wedding coordinator will guide you through each step of the day, care for your needs, handle any “hiccups” that may occur and calmly and professionally, make sure your venue and each vendor you have hired have what they need to make your day beautiful.