Engagement Season at it's Best!

The holidays seem to be in full swing and what better time to consider getting engaged! Couples around the country and the world will be experiencing both formal and informal proposals that will make hearts sing, hands sparkle and wedding planning to begin.

This particular season of life should be full of celebrations and anticipation preparing for your big day. It may cause some stress, but if you plan properly....you won't feel overwhelmed. The wedding industry is big business, but couples getting married today can make intelligent decisions on not only their wedding day, but what happens after the big day - married life! Day to day routines, sharing a home, responsibilities and dreams. You want to be prepared!

As I assist couples with planning their dream wedding, I also encourage them to plan ahead for their life together. Communicate about expectations, discuss how you'll spend the holidays with family and friends, who will handle the finances and/or household responsibilities, and how will family dynamics play a role in your marriage? 

Now, to all those out there planning to propose and become engaged over this holiday season, here are a few tips:

  • Make sure you found "the one" you want to spend the rest of your life with.
  • Know what type of ring you're looking for before you shop. Set a budget.
  • Choose a quality jeweler who will guide you through the process and educate you on this very important purchase. Don't allow anyone to pressure you into making a purchase right away and make sure they can do sizing and repairs onsite.
  • Make the proposal memorable and very, very special.
  • Set a date and choose a wedding planner to guide you through the process or handle "Day Of" Coordination. Weddings are expensive, choose wisely and enjoy!
  • Understand that venues and vendors get booked quickly. Don't wait to interview vendors, schedule these appointments as soon as possible after becoming engaged - you want to make sure you have options and not feel rushed to make important decisions.
  • Stay within a wedding budget and know that it's not worth going into huge debt for the wedding day. It's the marriage that really counts, start off right!
  • Engage in the important relationships around you. Your parents, siblings, extended family, bridal party and friends want to feel like they are part of things. Keep everyone informed, share great memories and love this special time with them.
  • Enjoy your special day, it goes by fast. Make sure your photographer and videographer capture the special moments so you can look back twenty years down the road and smile!
  • Be thankful, encourage and forgive. These are things that will help you through the difficult times you experience together.
  • Love others and make a difference. Enjoy doing life as a married couple and make the world a better place, this will encourage others to do the same.

Here's to life, love and happiness. Wishing you and yours all the best during this holiday season! 

Happy Planning -

Deb Erb - Simply Event Inc.