Traditions are great, but Weddings can be the Exception!

Today's brides sometimes find themselves stuck in the middle of wanting to do something completely different on their wedding day and following the traditional wedding and reception agenda that their parents may have experienced.

Traditions are great, but not always for weddings.  Family and holiday traditions are something to be passed down to future generations, these are things that happen after the wedding day - throughout married life!  But choosing whether or not to do a cake cutting, when to do the First Dance or should their be a garter toss?  These are things that should be left to the couple to decide. They should be able to personalize their day according to things they like most, be as creative as they want to be and enjoy every aspect of the planning process - all without worrying that they are doing something wrong or offending the person who feels a "Receiving Line" is non-negotiable.

Emotions will always be part of the planning process and the wedding day.  Happiness and excitement should always outweigh anxiety and disappointment.  If a couple loves traditions that have been upheld through the ages, then they should follow those traditions. Either way,  do want you envision, enjoy those around you and the day after the wedding - start making your own traditions!