Ways to Manage your Stress While Planning your Event


So often we witness the effect of stress that planning an event has on people. Whether you are planning your wedding, an event for business leaders, or a birthday party for your one-year old, the details of an event can easily become overwhelming along with the normal demands of life. 

There are so many things that are important to keep at the forefront of your heart and mind through the planning process of any event. As a company that carry's out events on a weekly basis, we see it as a privilege to be able to walk through this process with our clients. Here are some tips on ways for you to manage your stress through the planning:

1. Carve out Time to Rest

In the midst of planning, this little piece of advice is easier said than done. We often feel the need to fill all moments of our free time with planning to make sure we don't forget any details. In reality, when we carve out time in our schedule to simply rest, it allows us to not only unplug but sometimes we have the opportunity to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. 

2. Think Positively

Change your mindset. Instead of thinking about everything that could potentially be a disaster, think about the community that your event will create! We feel so strongly that so often people get caught up in the planning process and details, that when the day actually comes to relax and enjoy all that they have planned, they can't! It isn't possible for them to "take it all in" because they are too busy worrying and making sure that everything they planned happens exactly the way they planned it! Sounds exhausting doesn't it? Willie Nelson once said "Once you start replacing your negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results." The condition of your heart and mind has the ability to be your best friend rather than your worst enemy. 

3. Have a Good Support System

Planning events are no easy feat. We understand this well! The people you surround yourself with through the planning process could potentially make or break you in the stressful times. Having people that know your vision and can cheer you on through the process will make all the difference! 


It is so important to remember that your guests will only be as relaxed as you are. Part of the reason we love what we do so much is because we are able to come alongside you when you're feeling the pressure of all that it takes to pull off a great event, and we listen, hear your vision, and come alongside you to make it happen. 

Contact Simply Events today. We want to take the stress off of your next event!



Why You Need a Plan B! - What Venues and your Vendors Want You to Know about Rain Plans

Photo Taken by  Jeff Frandsen

Photo Taken by Jeff Frandsen

Today’s couples continue to choose venues that offer outdoor ceremony spots and indoor reception options – it’s really the best of both worlds, until it’s not!  Bride’s have a certain vision for their day and as planners, we know it’s hard to stray from that vision at times. However, it’s important to understand that if you choose a venue where you and your guests will be outside, you will need a Plan B or Rain Plan in place well before the week of the wedding. And you need to be okay with it.

Most venues have great Plan B options that work well, it’s just sometimes the couples and/or families have a hard time envisioning anything that differs from their original vision. Simply Events has experienced many times when Plan B needed to go into effect, and it was a more “intimate” setting and felt right. Venues and vendors understand the importance of having a back up plan if the weather does not cooperate, and if it’s discussed in advance, everyone knows how things should work to make the day go smoothly. Trust the alternate plans offered to you and choose the one that suits you best and makes you feel more comfortable.

Important Points to Consider when Deciding on Putting Your Rain Plan into Effect:

Your guests do not want to get wet.

It takes time for the venues to set-up for ceremony, they need ample time to plan for this set-up.

Holding events outside in the elements of rain, wind and possible storms can be dangerous, and centerpieces and décor can fall over or get ruined.

All musicians do not want their instruments, speakers and microphones out in any inclement weather. Even low temps can ruin instruments, so please be sure to check the vendor requirements for your event.

Whatever you plan for outside, it can always be transferred inside – just be sure you decide early enough.

Again, choosing a venue with a variety of options gives you choices when you need a Plan B, and also helps your guests move around and interact with each other even more.  Enjoy the process and trust those you have hired for your special day!

Simply Events Moves into Own Office Suite within Rock Lititz Pod 2!


The Simply Events team is excited to officially announce that we’ve moved into our own office suite within Rock Lititz POD2 on June 11, 2018! We’re excited to have additional space to house everything we need to plan, partner and coordinate with fellow vendors and meet with clients in our own conference area.

In addition to planning weddings, corporate and social events within Central PA and beyond, Simply Events will also be working with outside clients wanting to hold future events within Rock Lititz POD2. There are unique spaces with various options that will serve clients well with different sizes and types of events. We have several Lead Planners and assistants who will be serving clients, so the client can relax and concentrate on their guests, while we handle all the details!

New Contact Information:

Simply Events

201 Rock Lititz Blvd., Suite 44

Lititz, PA 17543

Phone: 717.205.6917

Call us today for a complimentary consultation to discuss your next events vision and mission!


Happy Planning!


6 Steps to Planning a Successful & Memorable Graduation Party

Plan Date/Time to Celebrate

Just be sure to check for conflicts with any other parties happening the same day and/or time. Your child or fellow parents of seniors will be great resources.

Setting a Budget

This is important, for it will help determine types of food, décor, as well as the venue you choose. Let’s be honest, it will determine everything you decide to finalize for this event.


Are you envisioning a backyard party, or would you like to rent a venue space? Backyards usually require more work and clean up. Actual venues already have tables/chairs and staff to handle most set-up and clean-up.

Choosing your Food & Entertainment

Will your family be contributing to food, are you going to work in your kitchen preparing all the food, or would you prefer everything gets delivered (and possibly served) by a professional catering company? Do you desire music (live band, DJ or use your Bluetooth device connected to speakers)? Both budget and your availability will help you determine these items.

Guest List & Invitations

How many people should be invited? This list can vary depending on your food/venue budget. Invitations should ideally be mailed no later than two months prior to the event. RSVP’s should be received two weeks before the party – for final count to be sent to caterer or just to help you plan the amount of food you’ll need to purchase.

Décor & Party Favors

What kind of party do you desire? A casual backyard affair or glamorous country club feel? Depending on the type of party you choose, your décor options will be different and vary in costs. Can you decorate yourself or will you need to hire a design/production company to assist you? Lighting, draping, audio/visual equipment can be provided effortlessly from professionals! Are you interested in handing out gifts to the guests? Pictures from a Photo Booth, chocolates beautifully packaged or journals with a pen are just a few ideas that your guests will enjoy. 

Graduation parties are meant to be fun and enjoyable for all involved!

Take time to plan, but do not stress over all the details. The opportunity to celebrate your graduate with close family and friends is more important than the type of music you play or the favors you hand out. If you feel like you need help, ask for it. Event Planners can walk you through each step, find your vendors and manage the party so you can relax.  


Planning a Corporate Event + No Experience = Harder Than It Needs to Be

suit corp post.jpeg

Organizing company events is a great way to share with others about what you do and why you do it. Planning and carrying out those events can be both stressful and frustrating to everyone involved in the planning process, especially if they do not enjoy planning and/or they have no clue on how to do it – so how can you properly plan an event and keep everyone happy in the process?

Hiring an Event Planner to help guide you is the best way to start. A planner will join you on the planning journey and will save you time, save you money and motivate your employees:

Save Time:

You, your staff and your organization, have daily responsibilities and deadlines. Taking time out of those regular/daily tasks to plan an event, may put you and your team behind. Event planners know who to contact and pull together pricing and availability, as well as carry out your vision while managing all the details!

Save Money:

Planning events for your employees and clients takes time away from your team’s regular work and responsibilities. And since time is money, you could lose money when your business loses efficiency. Event planners work on a contract basis without the extra cost of payroll and benefits, so hiring an outside contractor for projects such as events will save your company money!

Motivate Employees:

Most employees do not have extensive experience planning corporate events, so being asked to plan an important employee meeting, client appreciation event or party can cause extra stress on the employee or team involved and may lead to lower productivity and overall effectiveness of your organization. Event planners allow employees, management and clients to feel valued, and gives them an opportunity to focus on what is important – the people they serve!

Let's not make it harder than it has to be! We are working to change the culture of social events all together, are you with us?