Hire Simply Events Inc. to plan and facilitate your next company event or party


Small businesses or Corporations
Are you planning a business meeting or seminar, dinner or special event? More times than not, you and your team have many other responsibilities involved in their day-to-day tasks. So, hiring an event professional to handle all event planning needs, frees up the client to concentrate on their own work.

Simply Events Inc. will help take the vision of the client's event idea, and turn it into reality with professionalism and care and concern for all involved.

From initial concepts to finding venues, vendors and handling room layout and technical needs - our team will serve each and every client personally until the event is complete. No worries, stress-free and just as the client envisions - now that makes for a fantastic business event!

Non-Profit Organizations
You play a vital role in your community and provide services that impact lives.  End of year Celebrations or Fundraising events for volunteers, donors and staff are an important part of what makes them stand out.

Hiring an event planner to help coordinate these special events will lighten the load on the staff and help promote the organization to the public in a positive and well-organized manner.

Great celebrations encourage those who are already involved and hopefully find new faces to join the effort. Volunteers and board of directors work diligently to provide services that make a difference and the time they give is precious. 

Hiring an event planner from Simply Events Inc. will guarantee a lighter workload for staff and volunteers - and everyone will be ready to celebrate!

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